Stress & Anxiety Coaching

Life for me was very unbalanced. WAS is the key word there. I have PTSD, Anxiety and depression and was living a life of daily panic attacks non stop worry and always on edge. I always knew this could not be the way my life should be and was seeking guidance and help. I had met Jewels once before a year or so back and always felt a connection to go back. After a bad break down that admitted me to the hospital I took the leap to contact Jewels, I knew it was time. Jewels was so warming and welcoming! I went once more and knew I needed to sign up for a coaching plan. I was devoted to refocusing and finding the true inner me.  After my second time seeing Jewels I could feel myself coming back. She took her time and worked with my anxiety and crippling panic attacks. By visit four panic attacks and anxiety attacks seemed to be a thing of the past. Working with Jewels gave me the confidence to help my marriage and gave me hope and faith for the future.   I have never met a more loving, caring soul as Jewels. She cried with me she laughed with me and she helped guide me to the true strong woman I am. I would recommend everyone and anyone to Jewels in a heartbeat! She gave me my life back! I am forever grateful! 

- Amanda M

Intuition Development Coaching

I met Jewels through another psychic with whom I had been taking yoga clairvoyant classes with for a year. She suggested I get in touch with Jewels. I experienced a few sessions with Jewels for channeling and life direction and she was on point every time.  She offered we do a 6 week coaching session together. My experience with Jewels was fantastic she eased into different topics we were focusing on every week. I would check in whenever I needed to for guidance or questions. Jewels would answer my questions whenever I needed guidance. She provided me with exercises to try and if wasn’t for me Jewels said, I wasn’t to stress about it. At the beginning of the coaching lessons, I had high anxiety and not a lot of confidence in myself. I must say...a brand new me as I have now come out of my shell! I have had solid proof that my intuitive connection was strongly there. Over time I would see premonitions were coming true, knowing information that you would not know otherwise unless you were indeed connected to higher self. 

My anxiety has decreased immensely, I am breathing easier and deeper now. Now everything isn’t perfect and I will have to continue to work on myself to succeed,however I was given a great start in the right direction! Jewels is such a loving soul. I am very pleased with everything she has done for myself and my family. As I have two children that are gifted as Empaths and Intuitives. She has always been there no matter what. I consider her to be a mentor and a new friend

- Christina R.N


Jewels is brilliant, in every sense of the word. She has a light that radiates from her of such kindness and strength in her intuitive abilities. As well, she's wonderfully intelligent and encompasses all that is important for a good teacher to be. She is wise and encouraging and patient. She is also fearless and through that fearlessness, has urged me to be fearless as well and that was essential in breaking through the barriers that I had unknowingly created for myself and grow as a person and an intuitive.

She is excited to share what she knows and what she has learned, and values the crucial importance of knowledge; especially regarding the world, Spirit and our Higher Selves. She opens doors that I hadn't even known were there at the beginning and it's incredible to me that she is able to guide through learning with such precise ease. She makes you want to learn more, she makes you excited to learn and grow under her guidance.

What separates Jewels from other teachers is her intuitive ability. To learn intuition from her is comforting because she has walked the same path of learning herself. She is able to teach with the personal touch of having been down the very same road. Her intuition also takes an important role on teaching in general--or guiding as a life coach. She can sense the best way to teach you and to help you, and offers knowledge and advice in a way that you're able to easily grasp and absorb and I think that's very important.

Her view of the world and humanity is beautiful, and through her she shares that beauty. She is healing to the parts of you that need healing, comforting to the parts that need comforting, and has answers to the questions that need to be answered. I'm very lucky to know her, and even luckier to have her as a mentor.

-Katie O

Business & Personal Development Coaching

I was first introduced to Jewels when my good friend brought me to my very first reading session with her. I told Jewels absolutely nothing about myself or the direction that I wanted the session to go, and she blew my mind in only 60 minutes! I immediately knew that I needed to continue working with Jewels. Thankfully, she has packages, and one of those packages fit my life and budget. I signed up within the week, and started working with her the following week. To say she kicked my butt is an understatement. Have you ever tried lying to someone who is psychic? I don’t suggest you try doing so. She asked me very insightful questions and didn’t accept anything but the honest truth, regardless of how hard it was for me to accept. I came to realize that I was the only person standing in my own way! I came to realize that all of my dreams and aspirations were possible, if I started to take massive action! Jewels helped me realize this, and helped kick everything into high gear. She challenged me when I needed the push. She supported me when I started second guessing myself. She provided different supportive measures, from coaching to reiki, from crystal help and tarot readings, from book recommendations to audio recommendations. 

Most importantly she got me moving forward. Up until this time I was stuck in my head and taking zero action. I had all these great thoughts and ideas, but that’s all they were. She helped me to start taking action! Even if it was something silly and easy like listening to a 10 minute meditation track. I’m proud to say that I am moving forward with the creation of my business AND I actually have a launch date! I know what I need to do and by when, and I have an action plan to hit each goal to ensure my success. I’ve also stopped being so hard on myself. I understand that I’m only human and that I can and will make mistakes, and that’s okay. I used to think that everything I did needed to be perfect, which I now know is complete crap, and very unrealistic. Working with Jewels was the turning point for a lot of things in my life. Her insight, support, and sometimes ass-kicking redirection, is exactly what I needed, and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. 

You only have to meet her once to know that she wants the very best for everyone, and she is willing to put the work in for that to happen. I absolutely loved my experience with Jewels, and I will continue to go back to her to help me with this forward momentum. THANKS JEWELS!

- Lindsay G    

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Grief Coaching

When I lost my husband and child in a car accident I could hardly function. Months went by and I could not even leave the house. Lucky for me I met Jewels. She helped me get back on my feet in such a loving and caring way. She was like an angel I had prayed for. I am so thankful to have experienced her support and help with the worst part of my life. There are not words to express how much she cares about people. Thank you Jewels. You were the help I prayed for.

- Linda T

One Time Coaching

I had to make a big decision about my career and Jewels was so insightful and helpful. She helped me really see what opportunities lay ahead with both choices which made it so much easier to make a decision consciously. Today I have no regrets with my choice!! 

- Lisa B.

Relationship Coaching

My marriage was in shambles when I connected with Jewels. Today i am happy to say my husband and I are still together!!  Her intuition is spot on!  She really knows what she is talking about. Coaching with her was the best investment I ever made. Forever grateful...

- Alicia T

Business Coaching

My experience with Jewels has been profound, insightful and helpful. She knew which questions to ask to get me moving in another direction and view my life with another perspective. Thank you Jewels for helping me plan, action and move forward! You are simply amazing!

- Christine T